May is the perfect month for your holiday

The summer season opens in May, when the Cavallino Treporti peninsula is at its very best: flowers in bloom, warm sunshine, relaxing strolls along the beach!

May is the perfect month for a quiet holiday at Camping Village Dei Fiori, especially if you love peace and tranquillity. Indeed during the low season, the delights of Cavallino Treporti slowly reveal themselves, little by little, as nature reawakens.

The first fruits of the vegetable gardens, such as violet artichokes from Sant’Erasmo and asparagus from Treporti, pamper the palates of our guests, and can be found every Wednesday morning at the farmers’ market at Ca’ Savio, the horticultural market organised by local farmers.

If you would like to discover the typical resorts of Cavallino, such as TreportiLio Piccolo and Mesole, you can buy produce from local farms. It is an opportunity to discover the hidden treasures of a pristine area, ideal for hiking or biking excursions!

May is also the perfect month to visit Venice, city of art, and the beautiful islands of MuranoBuranoTorcello, and Mazzorbo. Camping Village Dei Fiori is only ten minutes away from the pier of Punta Sabbioni, where you can board a boat taking you to Venice or the island that most intrigues you.

Come and visit us in May! Stays during the low season are available at a promotional price!

September, a Sea of Opportunity and Unbeatable Deals!

For those who wish to enjoy the seaside but without the stifling humidity of high summer, September is the ideal time to come for your beach holiday: the clear skies and beneficial sunshine are perfect for pleasant walks on the beach, carefree bicycling, and fun and interesting excursions into the lagoon and surrounding areas.

The Venetian lagoon itself is the star of the month of September, with vivid sunsets reflected in its placid waters and birdsongs breaking the silence of the “barena” – the Venetian word for the shallow lagoon, a space existing between land and sea.

In September the Venetian lagoon hosts, of course, the famous historic Regatta, the parade of boats down the Grand Canal that opens the annual “Voga alla Veneta” rowing races, a unique tradition that carries with it a millennium of Venetian maritime culture.

September is also the season of the grape harvest, and just beyond the city limits of Jesolo you will find the roads rife with trucks carrying their cargo of grapes directly to the cantine to be made into delectable wines. The nearby Marca di Treviso, once known as “the garden of Venice,” is a coveted destination for unforgettable excursions along the famed wine roads crisscrossing the plain and intersecting with the region’s cultural and artistic sites as they lead to the splendid hills of Prosecco.

The splendour of autumn is annually revived in our village with the enogastronomic festival “Estate Più” (“Summer Plus”) rich of themed dinnerstastings and outings culminating with the grand festival of Summer’s End, put on by the camping village, where the fall flavours selected by our local chefs marry with steadfast tradition and dancing, resulting in an evening of entertainment that draws together both staff and guests in revelry that lasts into the night.

There are a thousand reasons not to miss a holiday by the sea in September; when you avail yourself of our special September deals you will experience the best of the summer season immersed in the exciting and family-friendly atmosphere of our camping village.