The new Reception of Dei Fiori Camping Village, built in 2017 by the architecture studio Ank is the winner of BIG SEE Awards in the “Tourism Design” 2020 category.

BIG SEE is an online platform that brings together 21 countries from the Adriatic-Ionian, Balkan-Mediterranean and Upper Danube European zones, and experts in architecture and design, but also in art, sports, travel and hospitality, with the aim of giving visibility to everything that is innovative, creative or typical of a country. To promote them, several fairs and events have been held every year since 2018, including the BIG SEE Awards, which reward the best works within the categories of Product Design, Fashion Design, Architecture, Interior Design, Wood Design and Tourism Design.

The award given to Dei Fiori is intended to highlight both the prestige of the architectural project itself, a polygonal structure with a contemporary design and large windows that connect the external and internal environments, and the attention to the nature. In fact, the new Hall is harmoniously inserted into the surrounding pinewood, preserving its natural beauty intact.

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